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Re: Must go places in or around CA?
The Kingsnake is a "powerful constrictor" which uses it's skill and strength. They take the opportunity to eat any snake. They can even overcome many other constrictors. It is nearly immune to rattlesnake bites, and makes short work of wrapping around one. The Rattlesnake is a rather gimpy, and not-so-graceful snake by comparison. Rattlesnakes do not "constrict" their prey, and rely on the immediate effect of the venom on really small critters. They bite their prey and then just eat them.

It's not even a contest if they face-off. The Kingsnake will overcome the rattler in a few seconds... even a big one.

Large Kingsnakes are protected by the inhabitants of suburbia, and it's not uncommon to see them very large (well over a meter). While rattlesnakes are a nuisance, and not able to make it that big when trying to live amongst humans.

In the wild, the rattlesnake is probably a lot less likely to get hunted down by a Kingsnake. In fact Kingsnakes in the wild probably don't stumble into them very often, and they might pass each other by. A snake that is so badass that it eats snakes doesn't need to feed very often. Around the human population of the city the Kingsnake is an awesome critter getter, and there won't be any rattlesnakes to be found around where one lives.
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