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Re: Must go places in or around CA?
Black widows are not as deadly as most people think. You might still need medical attention, but it won't likely kill you unless you have an allergic reaction. A youngster needs to go to the hospital right away just in case. The real problem with all biting spiders is the venom causes a lesion that just doesn't heal. You may have a nasty oozing sore for months, or need a good dose of antibiotics with many types of spider bites. I guess the Black widow is just particularly toxic.

The male black widows don't bite and they are small and brown. Black widows are everywhere in San Diego. Black widows make scraggly nasty unorganized webs and sit in them as if it doesn't matter that everyone can see she's got an ugly home. Once you see a particulary crappy web under your house, even if she's not hanging out there is a certainty that the Black Widow is hiding under a board or something there.


Little grass spiders are everywhere. They are fast.

In the beach areas like PB there is a commonly found garden spider "Cross Orbweaver" that looks ferocious - they make large spiral webs and sit in the middle and they are about an inch to 1 1/2". I did building maintenance in La Jolla and when you knock down their web they may seem to crawl at you very quickly - creepy. Like most of the spiders you see in San Diego city limits, they are non-native from places like Europe. He's supposedly non-aggressive but I'll bet that bastard would give you a good bite.

They have tarantulas out in the wild, and you might see one hiking if you keep your eyes out.... cool

Have you gone to the top of Cowles Mountain yet, Thriller? It's so close... and a relatively short hike up. I'd be disappointed if you miss out on it. Bring a camera.
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