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Re: Blender 2.56, Houdini Apprentice, or SoftImage Mod Tool?
Well...believe it or not, I came across another software title that seems to do .FBX support, is fairly easy to use, and it seems like according to this offer, it seems like I can get this rather cheap, if I take part in this "dare to share" program, I might luck out with Project Messiah here, and see if this can be a good tool to use:

...and yes, I did get the Pro version in this offer. Just hope that progress bar reaches 100% before too long, this looks like it should be a pretty good modeling/3D animation tool, might be worth looking at.

EDIT: Found out that this is actually a 3D animation program, not a modeling app, per se, but at least this probably could be used hand-in-hand with Blender or MilkShape for the most part, that's the hope, anyway.
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