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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
I finished Warm Fear. It's a huge monastery with some large areas. Maybe it's the best level for you to use Excalibat. It only has Excalibat and Darkstuff, the magic weapons. There's an area in which you turn on a switch and enemies appear falling from the sky.

You'll need an Excalibat to exit this area. And you'll have to use it's full power, the balls that explode in contact. Because I made this level to use the baseball. It has some rooms with lavawalls mixed with other textures.

This level only has monks (of both types). Well, it's a monastery, right?

The next level, Frightening Chambers, is, on the other hand, a claustrophobic level with low ceiling (like wolf3d) and somewhat dark. There's an area that has in total 8 small labyrinths. Carefull for the robots and enforcers! This level is somewhat similar to Crushing Defeat (at least in the first room).

It has all kinds of enemies, excluding bosses and turrets.

I'm next to finish this level. Only some more inspiration. Ah, this level has the P of DIP to get the 100.000 bonus.

The next level... the El Oscuro boss (human form). I still don't know how I'll do the secret level.
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