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No audio
Starting today, I am getting no audio. My computer thinks everything's fine--no error messages, and activity on the volume mixers. I just don't get any sound from the speakers. I tried different speakers and headphones, to no avail. I thought it started when I was in the case to put in a new fan, but that might be a coincidence. I tried messing with the HD audio cable, but since that only connects the front panel audio, it shouldn't be the culprit. I was afraid my jacks might have gone bad--can you replace mobo jacks?--but I get the same static sound whether from the rear jacks or the fronts. Plus, the computer knows when I plug something into the jacks, so that's encouraging.

Now, I did a system restore to early this morning (the only restore point, unfortunately, but I definitely had sound after that time), and I reinstalled the drivers on my mobo disc. I then downloaded the newest drivers from Asus. Nothing.

Motherboard: Asus P8P67-M
Driver: Realtek Audio V51006196

Now, if your answer is get a sound card, you may be right. But, I would like to not sweep this under the rug if I can help it.
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