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Re: Help verificating secret areas
Ok, thanks. You see, I was suspecting about these two. In Gates Motel, it was my option a), and in Ministry Of Fear, my option 8); but I needed confirmation. Ok, thank you very much for your time and the answer. Best of luck with your work in the mod. Wish to see it released soon. alot of work yet?

BTW: have you ever seen any 3D images/renders of the Zombie PigCop and the Magnum P.I.G. like this one of the Pig-In-A-Dress that is shown in a picture in your mod's site? I've only found a blurry black and white picture of the Magnum P.I.G. from the strategy fact I can barely see the face and almost nothing more. The pic is terrible.
See, how the hell can anyone not love Duke Nukem 3D game, having an enemy who's a crossdressing PigCop...Ha ha. where else do you find something like that? This is originality!...ha ha ha!

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