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Re: Help me choose a new graphics card?
The 460 1GB 256 is a pretty sweet card. If your looking at the 768 (192) for $250 that's exactly double what you should pay - it's only got the 192 bit mem bandwidth

You can score this Galaxy 460 1GB 256 for $145 after rebate plus $8 shipping... and it looks like you can swap the fan out easily if you ever want to. I have a Galaxy Card, and a Zotac... Don't think I'd get some of those other brands like MSI - isn't Zotac made by the company that does Foxconn?
Gigabyte is nice but it's like $40 more right now

Anyway here's the Galaxy:

For $250 you should be getting a lot more though - just thought I'd throw the economy idea out there. I love mine.
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