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Wink Re: Help me choose a new graphics card?
Originally Posted by smashed pumpkin View Post
My computer is starting to show a bit of age, and I believe it is time for a GPU upgrade. Currently my system is running two Geforce 8800GTX 768mb in SLI mode, liquid cooled. My computer is also running a quad core 3.2ghz w/ 8gb DDR3 RAM.

I would like to find a single Geforce card from the current generation that will exceed what my two cards can achieve in SLI. Preferably something under 500 dollars. At Best Buy last week I saw they had 1GB Geforce 460's for around $250 dollars. Would this be enough? Maybe something from the 500 series instead? Would I run into any problems going from two cards in SLI to one single card? Would the liquid cooling give me any problems?

Thanks guys.

WTF Are you talking about???Your PC still hit it as Duke says
Dont spent your money.Keep them for the time that you really gonna need something new
I play all new games with AMD X4 BE 2.8,4 GIG RAM DDR2 1066 AND ONE ATI 3870 512 DDR4 256 BIT
ALMOST 4 YEARS OLD.And still play everything with 1440x900 with high details{besides GTA IV Textures}
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