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Re: Help me choose a new graphics card?
I want to choose between the 460 1GB and the Radeon HD 6850 1 GB. The 6850 runs a bit faster and yet consumes less power which should make things easy on my power supply. The 460 runs cooler and has PhysX. I'm not keen on overclocking as I live in a warm climate, don't have case cooling beyond a couple of fans and I'd like to avoid compounded heat issues. They're both priced roughly the same and I even found a 6850 that's cheaper than some 460 brands.

At this time the 560 is not an option and I only get the good prices on international websites which don't carry warranty here. I'm on my 3rd 8800GT in 6 months and so highly value my warranty which will expire a little later this year.
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