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Re: Help me choose a new graphics card?
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Turns out my machine is out of warranty and I'm SOL as far as the company is concerned. Looks like I'll be doing this on my own. I've decided on getting a single nVidia 570 1.2GB card to replace my two 8800GTX 768mb SLI. Price seems to be ok (around $350 from what i've seen). Really can't afford the 580.

Here are some questions I have:

-Will a single 570 be an adequate replacement for two 8800 GTX SLI 768?
-What factors do I need to consider doing this? Anything I need to be aware of before I order?
-I have an nVidia nForce 790i mobo. I'm assuming this is adequate for the 500 series? Right?
-Any brands to avoid? What brands should be considered?

Here are two that I'm thinking of:

The ASUS looks huge compared to the EVGA.

Thanks for your help guys.

One thing you should do is before turning off the PC for the upgrade go into device manager and delete the old card so your PC will be looking for a new card when it turns on. Of course in the WIN7 era this advice might be out of date.
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