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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
I finished Into the Snake (similar to Canyon Chase) and The Dark Entrace.

Into the Snake is not in a episode, but is between episode 4 and 5 in reality (even though the game says it's episode 4). You seek the snake and then, in the next level, you find yourself going down to hell though a long ladder of flying GADS.

The next level will be Welcome to Hell!!!

It will be a level full of glowing lava walls in almost the entire map. Later, I'll do Hellish Caves (as the name says, it's a cave in hell with lava walls)... Yeah, this episode will be fun, hehehe!

Map slot 33 is still empty, because it'll be the last level, and I'll only do it only after made the entire "fifth" episode. Later, maybe I'll do a pack of warp only levels (maybe they'll have a sequence!)

Or better, maybe I'll do a secret level of the "fifth" episode and then a secret exit in the secret level, that will lead you to a pack of extra secret crazy levels in sequence... this may be good... or boring?
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