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Need help with some doubts
Hi. I'm making maps in squared paper outlines (remember my Oscuro Face's one?), and I'd like someone to help me with these doubts:
1-Can Snake Oscuro activate touchplates as he crosses on them? I think yes, or at least in The Unholy Chamber (ERott), when he crosses on the touchplate to open the door (where he and his larvae are) during the battle against him, the door opens! or is it a bug? If he's able to do that, will be good news for the maps I'm doing.

2-Can Snake Oscuro be in a map as a trap (like final battle but without heatpits to kill him; as an enemy more to avoid you continuing your quest?
This is exposed in two of my maps (the Oscuro Face's one, for example), but I need confirmation that this won't crash the game. Of course, I'd try not to put spinblades, stabbers, Ballistikrafts or any other "obstacle" in his path/s.

3-If I follow the map settings of Impossible Land (Darkwar, RTC) to put boulders runing in the sky, will it work in a RTL map? This question will be the same for putting Ballistikrafts upon: other Ballistikrafts (like in Experiment IV (ERott)), pillars, spinblades, GADS...

4-And this is for all who have played to Elzee and 5HFifty's Return Of The Triad: is there a way to add new wall tiles with the looking of the floor of In The Dark Nest (Darkwar), or the clear earthen floor of Spring Surprise, as a wall, to the editors (RottEd, RottMD and Rott3deditor)?
And my favorite to this question 4: do you know what I've to do to include the Dark Deathfire Monks (you know? these who even have black flesh, who shot KES) to these editors; or is it impossible?
This new enemy was a major kickass in Return Of The Triad, and I certainly hope the Reboot of ROTT includes them, considering the guys of Return Of The Triad are working on it as staff.

PS:I've not idea of programming, so please, I hope you can explain it well.
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