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Re: Need help with some doubts
Originally Posted by DragonsLover View Post
It is not. It's just that we have no idea.

For questions 1 and 2, try to do a test level and see if it works.
For question 3, yeah, you can make boulders to roll in the sky. Same goes for Ballistikrafts. In fact, some Extreme ROTT levels use this exploit. As for other things, try them.
For question 4, in theory, yes, you can. Extract the floor textures and use them as walls. You can create your own textures and import them back in the .WAD but ensure the colour palette is preserved. In RottED, you can already add the different skies, ceilings and floors textures as "tiles", but I think the game will ignore them or cause a crash in-game. Check the "ROTT Map Specs" for a bit more details about the WAD file and the walls.
For question 4b, adding a new enemy is possible, but requires: all the sprites of the new enemy, new sound effects, additional foreground tiles IDs and finally, extra coding to handle all that into the game.
For question 4, it's not any new texture, it already exists, but it's used as floor (or ceiling), it's used in "In The Dark Nest" level. I'd check that link, then.

The question 4b does not need any new sound effect, they've got the same than Deathfire Monks, their voice is the same, but instead of their fire, the KES of the Dark Staff. And I don't know where to get sprites of them. Can I get them from my copy of Return Of The Triad (and how do you pick them? I know there's people who gets them from any game, but I don't have idea of how). And adding new foreground tiles, how do you do it? And finally, that extra coding thing...wel,l for me it's like learning chinese, as I don't have idea of programming. Where do I get the extra coding of that?
Well, anyway, thanks for answering.
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