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Re: Need help with some doubts
Originally Posted by MagusElOscuro
For question 4, it's not any new texture, it already exists, but it's used as floor (or ceiling), it's used in "In The Dark Nest" level. I'd check that link, then.
For a mod, it's possible, but for the original game, I really doubt it. I just checked the floor texture of "In the Dark Nest" and it's one of the floor textures used. I also checked the walls, and there's no floor, nor ceiling textures used. If you wanna use floor textures as walls or wall textures as floors or ceilings, you have to tweak the .WAD file.

Originally Posted by MagusElOscuro
The question 4b does not need any new sound effect, they've got the same than Deathfire Monks, their voice is the same, but instead of their fire, the KES of the Dark Staff. And I don't know where to get sprites of them. Can I get them from my copy of Return Of The Triad (and how do you pick them? I know there's people who gets them from any game, but I don't have idea of how). And adding new foreground tiles, how do you do it? And finally, that extra coding thing...wel,l for me it's like learning chinese, as I don't have idea of programming. Where do I get the extra coding of that?
Sprites of the KES are there for sure, so it's not a problem.
For adding new foreground tiles ID to use in any editors, I have no idea. It's surely handled into the code.

And there's no coding for that new enemy in ROTT by the way, you have to create it... from scratch. You can try asking jbailey and birgers to add a new enemy for their WinRottGL port, but you better provide the new sprites of the enemy. The rest could surely be done.
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