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Re: Need help with some doubts
Originally Posted by jbailey View Post
Unless I've misunderstood something, you either want to replace currently
existing artwork in the wad file with your own (and keeping the original
names), or you want to leave everything original alone and simply add
your own artwork to the wad file with new names.
No, no! I want to keep the original, but adding pre-existing tiles (for floor/ceiling/above fences), putting them as normal wall tiles. And add the Return Of The Triad Dark Deathfire Monk as a new enemy. I don't want to modify the original game, I wanna add these enhancements for my maps. In other words, use the editors, but with these extras.
Originally Posted by jbailey View Post
the first choice would
probably be easiest, but you could try saving your own work to a seperate
wad file and load it in with the original file when you run the game, xwe should
be able to dis-assemble the entire wad file then you can export/import what
you want, when done just hit 'save'.
But for doing this, I need to know how to pick the tiles I want from pre-existing files, and adding that Return Of The Triad's character, as an addon, no?
Wait, I think it's better to make a new thread with screen captures of what I want to add, right? Maybe this is a way for you can help me easier.
Once the MSPaint sheet, of the tiles I want + Dark Monk, is done, I'll make the thread.
Thanks for help, and see you soon, there, then.
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