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Terrain editing: elevation resetting when painted on
Hi all,

I'm having the following problem with the terrain editor. Here's what often happens:

First I set up a simple flat heightmap in the terrains-tab, move to the next tab to define a few texture layers, and then proceed to painting the hills and valleys. I save often, and at some point I get the eventual crash. Accept, restart UnrealEd, reload map, go back to terrain editor. Terrain looks OK at this point. Now, when I continue to alter the elevation via painting, the area being painted on resets to some earlier state as I move the mouse. It's not the whole terrain that "resets", just the brush area. After doing the damage, the brush applies its desired effect, while simultaneously resetting more areas it hasn't yet reset. This prevents me from fine-tuning or extending any areas, because if the brush touches a previously completed area, it ruins it.

Since saving the map the normal way doesn't seem to save the terrain changes reliably, what should I try instead?

Thanks for your time. Other than this major annoyance, the tool is an excellent feature in the editor, so I would like to hear about a solution.
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