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Old 02-16-2010, 05:20 PM   #1

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DM-GalacticusPrime Preliminary Beta
Been a while, but I got the hang of UT3's UnrealEd with no sweat. Here's a preliminary beta release of a map I was creating over the past week, and decided to name this "Galacticus Prime." Now don't ask me where I got that name from, but here are the details:

The gametype for this is obviously for DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch (at least that's where this map was originally tested upon publishing this map), and you can have anywhere from 4 to 8 players.

Of course, being a traditionalist, I chose the subtractive method of mapping for this, and it didn't turn out that bad on here. Of course, I couldn't pull off a skybox that well in subtractive mode (seems like UE3 is more biased towards additive mode for outdoor maps), so I had to mesh up the ceiling in the main room to prevent HOM.

Anyway, here are the screenshots, and the .EXE self-extractor files, and let me know your comments on it. Decided to hold a prelim beta release here before making this an official beta on the Epic Forums, since I'm more like family here, and can get some better feedback...and besides, half of the inspiration of this map does have some inspiration from Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior, so that's enough reason to release this map here.

Link to map:
PC Specs (a.k.a. "Galacticus Prime"):
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Re: DM-GalacticusPrime Preliminary Beta
Releasing a second beta, since someone got after me about the lighting of this map, and I also moved one of the player starts and placed the link gun and ammo into the alcove on the top of the stairs in that one room. Here's the second beta, and updated screenshots:


DM-GalacticusPrime Beta v.50
Galacticus Prime 2nd Beta for UT3
By: Robert A. Morin

Updates from first beta:

Moved link gun and ammo from bottom of stairs to top of stairs in the alcove.
Bumped up the lighting around the map, and knocked out any additional lights that I felt were too overpowering.
Moved player start around to bottom of stairs where link gun ammo was.

Outside of those, I'm hoping that this will make the map a little better, but as always, it's your call.
Thanks, and enjoy this second beta release.




Zip File Link (
PC Specs (a.k.a. "Galacticus Prime"):
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