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3D Realms Anthology Alternate Reality Game and Videogame ideas
I like the poster with all of the heroes of Apogee Software and 3D Realms. I think an alternate reality game needs to be created or a video game needs to be created that features all of these heroes in one game. An Alternate Reality Game could be done. I might create one. I need to come up with the storyline first. The poster reminded me of Justice League from DC Comics. The poster is cool showing the heroes of Apogee Software and 3D Realms. Time travel would be a factor since BJ is not elderly and Commander Keen is his grandson. The poster seems like they are fighting the Apogee and 3D Realms equivalent of the Legion of Doom. The Legion of Doom is a society of super villains from DC Comics.
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Re: 3D Realms Anthology Alternate Reality Game and Videogame ideas
Unfortunately 3D Realms doesn't own several of the IPs used in the Anthology, only the rights to publish and distribute the titles. Wolfenstein and Commander Keen are both property of id Software.
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Re: 3D Realms Anthology Alternate Reality Game and Videogame ideas
A fan made Alternate Reality game will have to be created then. I will have to make a huge credits list. The game will take place in 2014. The leader of the Apogee and 3D Realms legion of doom will be connected to Duke Nukem.


Based on secret agent standing in the center of the poster, Dr. Proton is not the leader of the legion of doom it seems like. The main villain from the secret agent series is. I think this is a good storyline. Dr. Proton appeared in one of the DNF DLCs. He has a lot more appearances than the main villain from secret agent.


This alternate reality game could be done in a graphic novel format. I am going to have to crop the images in the poster and add dialog.
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