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Old 12-12-2005, 02:50 PM   #1
Altered Reality

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Unreal Engine Runtime
Is there anyone here who uses the runtime version of the Unreal engine? I do, because I find the latest Unreal-based games to be just "meh"... and of course, the runtime version is free.
Is there a program to convert VRML files to T3D prefabs I can use in the runtime version? I searched "vrml to unreal" in Google, but I only get this old page where every file has been deleted...
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Old 12-12-2005, 02:56 PM   #2
Re: Unreal Engine Runtime
Let me check the Unreal files on my harddrive...

yup, I found it!

Desc: The VRML 2.0 -> Unreal Map Translator version: 0.90.003a
Size: 346.840

Since this file is too big to be attached here send me a PM with your email-addy and I mail it to you...
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Old 02-15-2006, 07:08 AM   #3
Re: Unreal Engine Runtime
Read the TOS for the Runtime before you do anything. you're not allowed to make games using the Free runtime. you may only make Educational or non-commercial Programs.

..Doesen't stop you from making a damn good Machinima flick out of it, tho..

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Old 04-26-2006, 09:20 AM   #4
Re: Unreal Engine Runtime
I don't like the runtime.. for all the educational stuff we've developed, I try to use ut2k7 as much as possible. The lighting is somehow easier to work with..
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