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Liquid Sky Needs You!
I previously posted about making a Snatcher mod but we couldn't get clearence from Konami so we've decided to make our own mod which is completely original. The mod project is called "By-Product."
The game is going to be an action adventure FPS.

Main Character

You assume the role of Tyler Lokaz a high profile criminal killer. Tyler used to be a contract hitman working for the Yakuza until he killed the Don for having his female cousin reporter murdered because she could prove tax evasion.
Tyler was was arrested after a massive shootout involving him and SWAT, where he killed several SWAT officers. Tyler is currently serving 23 life sentences in a mental health facility for all his previous murdering crime. He avoided going to the moon orbit penitentiary otherwise know as "The green mile in space" on the grounds of insanity.

The Story

Five years ago the government legislated a new new service section of the police. A special task force known as "Redeemer Special Brance" (R.S.B) is an organization which activley recruits hardcore criminals with special skills and trains them to be elite mercenaries to combat the escaltion of violent crime. Every criminal they apprehend or terminate they get years knocked off their sentence. To stop the elites from going AWOL they are fitted with a liquid chip that rests on the heart and causes cardiac arrent from a remote control switch. Tyler is the lastet recruit to the R.S.B.

The story starts at R.S.B HQ where Tyler is given his first mission, to investigate the old harbour for Denouchi a Yakuza general. A R.S.B stool pigeon informed R.S.B that a drugs deal is going down tonight.

When Tyler arrives at the old harbour he quickly finds the meeting place and bares witness to them all have been brutally murdered. Most of the bodies have been mutilated and dismembered. The dead posse all had weapons yet not one round was fired and there is no trace of an aggressor, plus the money and the drugs hadn't been taken.

Your job is to discover the truth behind the killings which sees Tyler thrown into a governmental global conspiracy.

Who We Need

* Texture Artists
* Programmers
* Modlers/Skinners
* Animators

We currently have A level designer, Sound engineer, Concept artist and story writer.

This is a serious mod yet we still like to be a fun team.

The story in the words of Rufus from Bill and Ted is "Most excellent" that to rival any hollywood film, I'm not being arrogant just confident.

If you're interested please contact me here or go here --->

If you would like to listen to one of the music tracks from By-Product then go here, you don't have to sign in or any sh!t like that. --->
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