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Old 10-27-2014, 03:46 AM   #1
Max Payne 2...no longer cracked?
Okay, the last I checked, when May Payne 2 was
released on Steam, it was revealed that a CD crack
was used to get rid of the CD check.

Traces were found in the files in the Steam version's executable, I think.

Now, I played the X-Box version, so I didn't even think about this, back
then, but being paranoid, did this release do away with that?

I'm only asking because I'm paranoid that it could be used as a back door
or something.....PARANOID!

Please don't damn this posting....
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Re: Max Payne 2...no longer cracked?
The 3D Realms Anthology does not include Max Payne or Max Payne 2 nor does 3D Realms sell either title.
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Joe Siegler
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Re: Max Payne 2...no longer cracked?
This is a non issue. Neither Max Payne game is included in the Anthology.

In between Max Payne and Max Payne 2, 3D Realms sold the rights to the franchise to Take 2. Take 2 then hired Remedy & 3DR back to make Max Payne 2.

However, Max Payne 3, the Max Payne movie, and sales of all Max Payne games became issues that 3D Realms had nothing to do with even before the release of Max Payne 2.

So no, they aren't in the Anthology, nor will they be. AS it was pointed out, the franchise is owned & controlled by someone else now.
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