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Personal Best and Worst of 2015
Again, number one rule: Keep it Civil.
Respect others opinions.

Did this last year, no many posted... but, anyways. More activity on the forum is a good thing.

1. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

A prequel to last year's amazing Wolf: The New Order. The Old Blood takes a far more action packed step, stepping away from the awesome character development of last years entry.
This one takes on larger area, larger engagments and adds a few new weapons. And dives into the more super natural style of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

2. Dying Light

Techland continue to impress and surprise. They are quickly turning into one of my favorite studios.
Building and polishing on the foundation of Dead Island, Dying Light adds in an incredibly smooth parkour system. Improves the crafting and leveling system while keeping the melee combat crunchy and juicy.
And the addition of the day/night cycle added a serious feeling of dread and tension.

3. Fallout 4

It's Fallout 3 with vastly improved shooting, stream lined dialog and a great weapon crafting system.
Yeah, it did take a step back in regards to talking with people. And the leveling/skill system. But, the new settlement system adds a huge layer of depth.
On top of a great armor and weapon crafting system. And such smooth combat and shooting mechanics, you almost never need to use VATS.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

Yes, a very flawed PC port release. But, I'm not talking about the port.
I'm talking about the game underneath.
And, Arkham Knight delivers a beautiful story involving the entire Bat family and all the best elements of the previous games. A gorgeous graphics engine and an impressively realized Gotham City.
Some tedious Batmobile sections holds the game back. But, still an amazing title. And thanks to recent updates, it's were it always should've been.

5. Grand Theft Auto V

I'm not a fan of Rockstar. I'm just not. Of the GTA series I liked 3 and loved Vice City. Red Dead Redemption actually bored me, the Warriors was awful and Bully was tedious.
I loved Manhunt, but the sequel was crap.
So, my expectations for a new GTA were really low, specially after hating GTA4 and San Andreas.
But, GTAV thoroughly surprised me in just about every way. Improved writing, more likable characters, great shooting and combat. And a fun world to explore.
And while not perfect, the FPS mode on the PC version is a fun addition.

6. Mad Max

An amazing Mad Max film, and a great Mad Max game. 2015 really has been fantastic.
The game, while featuring a very short story, and some rinse and repeat side quests, was a blast.
The Arkham style combat system, but made more brutal. Add in great car driving and combat and it's a fantastic ride.
Not only did they nail the Mad Max atmosphere, they made a bleak, wasteland fun to explore. And that's an accomplishment.

And that's my list. A few other titles that I got that I enjoyed, but those were my top.
For 2016, there are some definite titles I'm really looking forward to.
Doom, Shadow Warrior 2, Mafia III, Deus Ex and Tomb Raider. Some others... but, we'll see how the year goes.
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Upcoming Anticipated Games: Doom, Shadow Warrior 2, Mafia III, DisHonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
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