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Old 06-04-2009, 02:38 AM   #1
Ooo Weird problem on the map "Guiding Fires"
Hi all,

I recently received the game a few days ago as a gift on the Steam platform.
I'm a big fan of the Doom3 style so I really enjoy Prey.
But yesterday I encountered a very strange problem...

I'm blocked in the level "Guiding Fires" :
I go out. I kill the big floating bad guys around the tower.
Then I go on the 2nd floor and on the 3rd floor and...that's all.

I've watched some videos on youtube where you simply have to push a button and *bam*
a shuttle surround you and you can fly but in my game there is NO BUTTON !!!

Have a look here at the 11th screenshot for an illustration of what i Try to explain
(11. Approach one of the two lit balconies and a console appears) :

In my map there is NOTHING, no button !
It behaves as if the model is missing but i checked the console and everything seems ok in the loading log of the map (no red line)

The game is up to date (I think) and in the 1.4.119 version.

So does anyone already encountered such a problem ?

Ps : a solution is to use "noclip" but i'd like to understand what's going on and also have some fun with the shuttle
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Old 06-04-2009, 06:53 AM   #2
The Dukenator

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Re: Weird problem on the map "Guiding Fires"
What are your PC specs?
I've played through that level more than once and never encountered that problem.
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Old 06-04-2009, 01:31 PM   #3
Re: Weird problem on the map "Guiding Fires"
Here we go :

CPU Info
Physical Processors 1
Logical Processors 2

CPU 1/1
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz
Manufacturer Intel
Family Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz
Architecture 64-bit
Internal Clock 3.0 GHz
Internal Clock Maximum 3.0 GHz
External Clock 300.0 MHz
Socket Designation LGA 775
MultiCore 2 Processor Cores
HyperThreadingTechnology N/A
Capabilities MMX, CMov, RDTSC, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, PAE, NX
Version Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz
Level 1 32 KB
Level 2 4 MB
Level 3 0 B

DirectX Info
Version 9.0c
Long Version


Version 5.03.2600.5512
Primary Device NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
Cooperative Adapters false

Display Device 1/1
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX Driver

Description NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Total Local Video Memory 512 MB
Total Local Texture Memory 753 MB
AGP Aperture Size 0 B
Driver File nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version
Driver Date 5-2-2008
Driver WHQL Certified true
Max Texture Width 8192 px
Max Texture Height 8192 px
Max User Clipping Planes 8
Max Active Hardware Lights 8
Max Texture Blending Stages 8
Fixed Function Textures In Single Pass 8
Vertex Shader Version 3.0
Pixel Shader Version 3.0
Max Vertex Blend Matrices 0
Max Texture Coordinates 8
VGA Memory Clock 0.0 Hz
VGA Core Clock 0.0 Hz
Name NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
Vendor ID 0x10de
Device ID 0x0612
SubSystem ID 0x057710de
Revision ID 0x00a2


Type PCI Express
Revision 1.0
Enabled true
Rate 16
Sideband Addressing Not Supported
Fast Write Not Supported


Texture Formats
32-bit ARGB [8888]
32-bit RGB [888]
16-bit RGB [565]
16-bit RGB [555]
16-bit ARGB [1555]
16-bit ARGB [4444]
8-bit A [8]
8-bit YUV [800]
16-bit AYUV [8800]
FourCC [DXT1]
FourCC [DXT2]
FourCC [DXT3]
FourCC [DXT4]
FourCC [DXT5]

AGP Texturing, Hardware Transform and Lighting, Positional Lights, Subpixel Accurate Rasterizing, Stencil Buffers, Range Fog, Table Fog, Vertex Fog, W-Fog, Specular Gouraud Shading, Anisotropic Filtering, Bilinear Filtering, Point Sampling, Trilinear Filtering, Additive Texture Blending, Dot3 Texture Blending, Multiplicative Texture Blending, Subtractive Texture Blending, Environmental Bump Mapping, Environmental Bump Mapping With Luminance, Cube Mapping, Factor Alpha Blending, Vertex Alpha Blending, Texture Alpha Blending, Texture Clamping, Texture Mirroring, Texture Wrapping, Guard Band Support, Mipmap LOD Bias Adjustment, Projected Textures, Volume Textures, Point Primitive Support, Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing, DXT Compressed Textures, Two Sided Stencil Test, Mipmapped Volume Textures, Mipmapped Cube Textures, Texture Border Color, Spherical Mapping, Automatic Mipmap Generation, Hardware Rasterization, Shading, Transform and Lighting, Scissor Test, Legacy Depth Bias
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