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Joe Siegler
3D Realms Staff

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Camera Captioning Contest #248

Long time visitors to the 3D Realms website may remember an old regular feature, the "Camera Captioning Contest". It ran for a long time on our site. The original edition was posted in May of 1996, and it ran almost 11 years, going though till January 2007. With the relaunch of the 3D Realms Website, as well as the announcement of Bombshell, we thought it was time to bring back this much loved feature of the website.

If you happened to be around back when the old contest was run, you'll find it is mostly the same, but somewhat different. When the old contest ended, things like Facebook and Twitter did not exist. They do now, and that's the new wrinkle. In the old days, submissions were sent in via email, and we selected the winners. This time around the new pictures will be posted on our website, and the submissions will be taken on Facebook, Twitter, and our own forums. We will pick the winners from these entries. One catch though. The entries must be submitted to us using the hashtag #3drcam (especially if on Twitter). If you don't use that hashtag, we won't see your submission.


The prize if you are chosen as a winner will be one of the Bombshell dog tags that were given away to press at GDC recently in San Francisco (shown to your right).

Once a winner is chosen, we will get in touch with them via social media for info on where to send the prize.

Prizes may or may not change going forward. The old contest had the same prize for almost the entire 11 year run, but this time, we are looking to do something different with the prizes.

Make sure that when you send us your entry that you use the hashtag #3drcam (especially if using Twitter) and post it on one of the requested social media outlets - otherwise we won't see it.

Each entry will run for two weeks, starting on a Wednesday, and closing on the second Tuesday after that.


The winner for Contest #247 is "The Dukenator" from our own forums, who submitted this entry:

"Yes, he's playing Candy Crush and no, he won't give the phone back."

If you need a reminder, click here to see the image for contest #247.

May 7 - May 20

In reality, this is some public beta testers at 3D Realms HQ for Bombshell testing
Apogee / 3D Realms Employee: Dec 14, 1992 - May 22, 2009, Oct 23, 2014 - current

"Lifting up the Cross to the waiting lost" - Petra | John 3:16
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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
Movie Trailer Voice: "They thought they were here to test Bombshell and score free munchies. Little did they know they were going to be drugged and then forced into playing sadistic torture games for their very lives. SAW VII, coming When It's Done from 3D Realms Pictures."
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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
Shadow Warrior Central creator.
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Old 05-08-2015, 05:47 PM   #4

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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
Guy in black: What?? All pizza's, gone? Already? I only had one slice, you greedy pigs!

Guy in blue: Well, according to Professor Stanley Curtis of Penn State University, pigs can play joystick-controlled video games and are capable of abstract representation. He believes that there is much more going on in terms of thinking and observing by pigs than we would ever have guessed. So yeah, take that, dumbass!!

Guy in red: Guys, guys, relax! I just found this chinese take-away menu and Fred's Mastercard. I'll order chinese food for all of us. Babi Pangang anyone?

Guy in black: ...I'll have the nasi goreng, the chicken curry, the bamboo chicken soup, Peking duck, deep-fried shrimps, some dim-sums, the wonton soup, chop-choy mixed, froglegs in garlic sauce, kung pao chicken, hot and sour ribs, shrimp pan fried noodles, deep fried fish balls, braised pork veggie, seasoned tofu pork, mu-shu extra rice and some unfortunate cookies please!

(Sorry to have wasted everyone's time with this worthless piece of dialogue,
but at least you learned something about pigs today. You're welcome.)
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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
Growing up on a pig farm which was later converted to a beef farm, I can tell you there is something behind those eyes. That and a certain book says not to be eating cloven hooved animals, however I still like bacon and burgers :S
Shadow Warrior Central creator.
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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
*nomming bacon and egg breakfast sandwich* O__o;
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Old 05-21-2015, 04:14 AM   #7
Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
what are you doing?! you cant go about changing the concept art, (-|-) ... wait your doing it wrong too, pass it here
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